Freelancing: An Introduction

In a nutshell – an alternative form of employment for many, a full-time career for many more. Hey Guys! Hopefully you all gained something useful from the Job Seekers Guide ...

The Job-Seekers Guide to Twitter – Part 2

After a weeks wait, here it is, part 2 of the Twitter Guide! Last week we talked briefly about signing up for Twitter, the importance of filling out of your ...

SkillSetG On AllTop?

Also, we'd like to say thank-you to some awesome people we've met along the way and recommend you check them out too! A big thanks to JobHopJulie and Prasoon Gupta ...

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We’ve Moved!

Hey Guys, For those of you who didn’t know already – we’ve moved to a shiny new blog over at this address –   Thanks for reading,   See ya there!   SkillSetG Team

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Get Ahead – Get LinkedIn

 In a nutshell – LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for business promotion and networking. But the so-called ‘business-network’ can also benefit your  personal development. LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to showcase what you know and what you can do. It is a space for you to create your professional identity in front of potential employers […]

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The Top 10 Places To Find Summer Work

With the Job Seekers Guide to Twitter still in production, we thought we’d lighten things up a little with a practical list of places you may or may not have thought of for work! It may start simple, but so should you. If simple isn’t enough, well, I’ve broken it down pretty thoroughly towards the […]

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How Not To Be Late For Work

Landing a job is one thing. Keeping it, well, that’s another… *7 AM* Alarm goes off. Ahhh man. *SNOOZE*  *7.15 AM* Shut-up already!! *SNOOZE* *8.30 AM* Oh sh…. not again…. Sound familiar?  If you find getting up for work a daily struggle, then read on. Do some exercise in the evening. This is especially useful […]

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The Job Seekers Guide to Twitter - Part 1

The Job-Seekers Guide to Twitter – Part 1

So after a couple of heavy articles on CV and Cover Letter writing, I thought it was time to lighten things up a little bit. As the title suggests, Twitter, besides from being very cool and fun to play around on,  is also a very useful employability tool. But, how can you make use of […]

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Why Can’t I Get A Summer Job?

By now you’ve probably realised that finding a summer job at the moment is an absolute nightmare. No matter where you go or where you apply, all the good jobs are taken! But, why? CourseHero did a little research and came up with this.. Click Me!

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WTF Is A Cover Letter?

Good question. WTF is a Cover Letter? What does it even mean? Well, in the real working world – people want Cover Letters. They want them well written. And they want them now. What Is A Cover Letter? O.k, I want you to take everything you’ve ever heard/learned about cover letters and flush it out […]

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Writing A C.V/Resume – 101

Everybody has their own opinion on how the ‘perfect c.v’ should be formatted. To be honest though, it’s best to find what works best for you and what you feel reflects your personality and high-lights your strengths. Personally, I like to go with a minimal approach. Short and sweet. This could be a reflection of […]

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